Songs are inspired by a cool bass line, a synth patch, a hypnotic beat, a subtle texture, a vocal loop, a wailing sax sample, a feeling ..... anything that wants to be shaped into something that never existed before.
More often than not it's a wasted effort that gets abandoned - but when it clicks, it's magic. Sometimes it takes minutes to know how it should sound .... and sometimes it can take hours or weeks to develop a track from measure to measure, figuring out and exploring where it wants to go.
Preferred genre or style? Nope. Some claim there's a definite LoopJunkie feel or twist. If they're right, it wasn't intentional ... but the breakthrough albums listed here may have something to do with it.
Dancefloor fun, jazzy hip hop, lounge, pure electronica, house, old style trip hop, D'n'B, pop, R'n'B, ... nothing is safe.
It's all about the music
Here's how it's all made - find out more.
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